What we do

Our goal is to find and secure the best property for you.

We evaluate the options in terms of your aims, timescale and budget.

We provide guidance and recommendations. We work closely with you to meet your brief.

Our connections and knowledge give you access to properties which never come to the open market.

Early notification of properties coming to the market puts you a step ahead of other potential buyers.

Our professional representation gives the seller confidence that you are well advised and in a position to proceed. The biggest frustrations for selling agents are deals falling through after an offer has been accepted but before completion. A buyer represented by a buying agent often has “preferred buyer” status during negotiations.

Our market knowledge enables us to negotiate the terms of sale on your behalf and our experience in negotiations helps find solutions to successfully complete a purchase.

We pre-empt issues and deliver commercial solutions.

Our network of professional contacts; solicitors, architects and surveyors are on hand to advise throughout the process.

Where we work

Our market is the Cotswolds: Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, Wiltshire, Warwickshire, Hereford and Worcestershire.